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Sigma Pi Colony



This is our first season in which we are actually successful in athletics. In the fall semester, we participated in Intramural soccer, football, and basketball. We went to the playoffs in football making it to the quarter finals.

This spring, we are currently playing Intramural basketball. We have qualified for the playoffs with a 3-2 record. Our last regular game was a disappointing 4 point loss to Delta Chi. The playoffs will begin after spring break as we take on Alpha Tau Omega in the quarter finals.

Today, Thursday, we officially started our indoor soccer season. Our first game was against the Delta Tau Delta Fraternity. It was probably our best game in the Colony's history. We played to a 6-6 tie at the end of regulation. The game then went to shootouts. In the shootouts, Seth Darmstadter made the first shot and Matt Garrett made the second. The Delts, scored on their first kick, but were denied by the superior goaltending of Jeremy Malin on their next two shots to clinch the victory.

Our pledge class this year consists of one soccer player who was only recently cut from the school team. While we are all disappointed for him, we are very excited to have him playing for us this season. We have never made the soccer playoffs, but we expect this season to be different.

Later this semester, we will have the opportunity to defend our title as best Greek softball team. Last year we went to the finals before losing to a team from the Washington College of Law. While this was a disappointment, we will hope to defend this year and win the league.