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Pictures and Bios...

Here are Sam and Adam on top of our 1997 Homecoming Float!!!

Adam Hirschfeld

Hometown:                        Cleveland, OH

Major:                                Broadcast Journilism

Graduating:                        Fall 1998

Positions Held:                  Vice-President (Junior Year)
                                          Secretary (Freshman-Sophomore Year)

Favorites:    Author:          Whoever Wrote the Fab Five Book
                    TV Show:      Simpsons, Monday Night RAW
                    Entertainer:   "Stone-Cold" Steve Austin, George Carlin
                    Team:            Cleveland Indians   

Sam and Scott at one of our many successful HOOTERS Rush Events, chowin down' as usual!!!!  Its not Roys, but It'll do.....

Sameer Bhandarkar (SAM)

Hometown:                        Shrewsbury, MA

Major:                                Peace and Conflict Resolution (SIS)

Graduating:                        Spring 1998

Positions Held:                  President (Junior Year)
                                          Vice-President (Sophomore Year)
                                          Rush Chair (Senior Year)

Favorites:    Author:          Mario Puzo
                    TV Show:      Simpsons
                    Entertainer:   Eddie Murphy
                    Team:            Dallas Cowboys


You'd probably think that this is my girlfriend....but you'd be wrong....this is Kim Sanders, one of our great friends who helps our fraternity do all kinds of stuff (don't be sick...), and one of my best friends in life.  Love ya, Kim...

Kim Sanders (member of Sigma Delta Tau)

Hometown:                        Northridge, CA (Near LA)

Major:                               Religion/History/Communications

Graduating:                        Eventually

Positions Held:                   Lavaliered by Brother(s) in Fall of 1997

Favorites:      TV Show:      X-Files
                    Entertainer:    The guy that dies in that movie that I hate with the big boat
                    Team:           AEPi Intramurals

  This is Tyler and Scott at Spring 1998's Closed Rush

Scott Landis

Hometown:                        Langhorne, PA (outside of Philly)

Major:                                International Finance and Marketing

Graduating:                        Spring 1999

Positions Held:                  President (Junior Year)
                                          Treasurer (Freshman-Sophomore Year)
                                          Social Chair (Senior Year)

Favorites:    Author:          Dante Allegri (The Inferno)
                    TV Show:      Married with Children, Star Trek Voyager
                    Entertainer:   Adam Sandler, Michael Biehn
                    Team:            Philadelphia Flyers

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