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Alpha Epsilon Pi Fraternity
Sigma Pi Colony

            Welcome Back to your Virtual Tour!!!!   This is our current brotherhood, organized by Pledge Class....more pictures can be seen of the various members of the pledge classes by clicking on the picture on the screen....good hunting.....

ALPHA:    Brad Fondak was our first pledge...he graduated last year, but we like to honor him here:

BETA:        Jeremy Malin will Graduate at the end of this year (1998 School Year) and was the lone member of our second pledge class....

This is Jeremy with his date, Emily, at our 1998 Formal
(You can see more pictures of Malin by clicking on the above photo!!)

GAMMA:  Our Gamma Pledge Class, of Adam Gerowin, Graduated a couple of years ago (before we even thought about the WEB), but here's an old picture


DELTA:        Welcome to my Pledge Class, the Deltas!!!  Click on our Picture in order to learn more about Myself, my Best Friend Sam, and Adam Hirschfeld....the best pledge class ever!!!

This is us at Formal Last Year, what a time!!!  GO DELTA!!!

EPSILON:            Darryl Trell is the lone remaining member of our Epsilon Pledge Class...but I couldn't find any current pictures...check back soon.....his bio is:

Darryl Trell

Hometown:                        Atlanta, GA

Major:                                Marketing, minor in Film

Graduating:                        Spring 1999

Positions Held:                  Social Chair (Junior Year)

Big Brother:                      Adam Gerowin

Favorites:    TV Show:      Seinfeld
                    Entertainer:   Garth Brooks
                    Team:            Atlanta Braves

ZETA:                Scott Birnbaum and Justin Pimenta make up our Zeta Pledge class, click on their photo for Bios and more pictures...

  Click on the Photo for the Bios

ETA:                   Justin Levin is our Eta Pledge Class.  Here he is looking spiffy as always....

Justin Levin

Hometown:                        Cleveland, OH

Major:                                Biology, Pre-Med

Graduating:                        Spring 1999

Positions Held:                  Pledge Master (Junior Year)

Favorites:    TV Show:      Seinfeld
                    Entertainer:   Robert DiNero
                    Team:            Cleveland Indians

THETA:         Our Theta Pledge class of Rory Burke, Aaron Malofsky (missing from the picture), and Matt Homonoff ushered in a new era for AEPi.  It is a kind of link from us "old guys" to the new blood, good luck Thetas!

  Click on the Photo for more info. on the Theatas

IOTA:            The first pledge class of 1997/98 made an immediate impact.  Paul Feinstein helped immensely his first year, taking a huge leadership role.  Shawn Quill was placed immediately into a Treasurer role, which was a great match for him.


KAPPA:        Ah, the new guys.  The Spring 1998 Pledge Class is the future....they are a great group of guys with unlimited potential.


(Left to Right):  Jeff Rum, Mike Johnson, Matt Garrett, Tyler Mounsey, Barry Rieger, Matt Benov, Seth Darmstetter, and Jeff Berkowitz
Click on the photo for more Kappa Photos (Bios to come...)

Well, hopefully you've seen everyone, hope you enjoyed it...see you soon....

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